When you send money to the agency, both the agency and the girl disappearPosted by on

When you send money to the agency, both the agency and the girl disappear

Of course, she asks you to pay for her travel expenses, visa and passport, and you feel rather secure doing it as you pay to the travel agency, which has an e-mail, sometimes a web-site, and a bank account

If you need help in finding an agency that works in the girl's city – address any dating web-site administrator (majority of the Ukrainian or Russian travel agencies web-sites are written in Russian, so if you do not know the Russian language, it can be difficult for you to find a suitable agency. Many of the traveling agencies have an e-mail address and phone numbers on their web-sites, so you would be able to send an e-mail or call them). Usually marriage agencies staff is friendly and will help you to find out information you require. Anyway, try to come to see the girl in her country. Remember, it is VERY DIFFICULT to get a visa to the USA, it is quite possible that a Russian woman would be granted a tourist visa to one of the European countries, there were cases when Russian women received a guest visa to a European country, it is easy for a Russian girl to enter Turkey, Egypt or United Arab Emirates (only few countries to name; these are the countries where hausfrau sucht affГ¤re you get entry visa right at the airport when your plane lands), but be careful if you have never met the woman.

  • Standard – the most used scenario: Scammer tries to keep up a regular correspondence, but all letters have general content and there is no concrete information in them. After exchanging a few letters the scammer begins to ask money for covering expenses for using Internet, translator payment, foreign languages courses, driving courses and so on, or you are contacted by the "agency" that helps the scammer with translating/typing/sending letters to you.

WAY OUT: Address the agency you find yourself in the Internet

WAY OUT: Use the web-sites that provide letter translation and delivery. Usually if men pay for correspondence, local marriage agencies do not charge women. If you do not believe any agency and want to correspond only directly, "play a fool" – pretend you do not understand her hints, ignore direct requests; if she says Internet cafe is expensive – say you prefer less regular correspondence; if she says she can't afford translation – offer a free Russian-English translation web-site – let your letters be not so understandable but she wouldn't use this pretext for money requests again; if she offers "her" agency, find a different one in her city and offer her to join that agency (believe, if there is one agency in the city – there should be several more) – at least you will know she couldn't correspond with you regularly exactly by the reasons she gave you; pay for foreign languages and driving course only after you meet face to face and you are sure you want to continue relations with the girl and marry her.

Illness scenario: It's one of the frequently used kind of scenario. She writes letters thoroughly and she sends them regularly and they are full of happiness that she has found a real gentleman, a man of her dreams in you. You also feel attraction to her and you begin to think over plans for future. But suddenly you'll receive information from her that she (her children, her parents, relatives) got ill and she needs money for operation or/and for expensive medicine. And as it is a question of life or death (there's no money to pay for it) she appeals to you for help. As soon as money received scammer disappears.

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